Beispiel für eine Phishing-Email vom Typ HTML.Phishing.Auction

Bitte keine Klicks im Text unten durchführen (mit Ausnahme des "Zurück"-Links am Ende der Seite), es handelt sich um realen Schadcode!!!



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<title>Dear eBay User</title>


<div id="message">
 <font lang="0" face="Arial" size="2" PTSIZE="10" FAMILY="SANSSERIF">Dear eBay 
 User, <br>
 You have received this email because we have strong reasons to believe that 
 your eBay account had been recently compromised. In order to prevent any 
 fraudulent activity from occurring we are required to open an investigation 
 into this matter. <br>
 Per the User Agreement, Section 9, we may immediately issue a warning, 
 temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend or terminate your membership and 
 refuse to provide our services to you if we believe that your actions may 
 cause financial loss or legal liability for you, our users or us. We may also 
 take these actions if we are unable to verify or authenticate any information 
 you <br>
 provide to us. <br>
 If your account information's are not updated within the next 72 hours, then 
 we will assume this account is fraudulent and will be suspended. We apologize 
 for this inconvenience, but the purpose of this verification is to ensure that 
 your eBay account has not been fraudulently used and to combat fraud. <br>
 Please login into your account at this link, which is a SSL secured 
 connection: <br>
 <a target="_blank" 
 Regards, <br>
 Safeharbor Department <br>
 eBay, Inc. <br>
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