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<TABLE width=600>
<TD vAlign=top>
<TD align=right><FONT class=bodyText><B>Customer Service 
<TABLE width=600>
<TABLE width=600><BR><FONT class=bodyText>
       <td>We are glad to inform you that our 
bank has a new security system. The updated technology will insure the security 
of your payments trough our bank. Hoping you'll understand that we are doing 
this for your own safety, we suggest you to renew your account at our Customer 
Center. <BR><BR><IMG 
target=_blank><B>Log into your account</B></A>, using your User ID and Password. 
<BR><BR><FONT class=grayText><B>Note:</B> If we do not receive the 
appropriate account verification within 48 hours, the account will be suspended. 
The purpose of this verification is to ensure that your bank account has not 
been fraudulently used and to combat the fraud from our community . 

<TD class=dashes width="100%">&nbsp;</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
<TABLE cellSpacing=5 cellPadding=0 width=600 border=0>
<TD><FONT face=verdana,arial,helvetica color=#666666 size=1><STRONG>ABOUT THIS 
MESSAGE</STRONG><BR>This service message was delivered to you as a Chase credit 
card customer. If you wish to unsubscribe from e-mail messages from Chase Card 
Services, please <A 
href="">click here</A>. 
Please allow up to ten business days for us to process your 
request.<BR><BR>Please do not reply to this message. Replies to this message 
will not be responded to.<BR>To contact Chase go to <A 
href=""></A> <BR><BR>© 2006 JPMorgan Chase &amp; 


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