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<title>Chase Bank</title>

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<p>Dear Chase Member,</p>
<p>we wish to inform you that our Chase OnlineSM messaging system is undergoing a series of<br>
modifications that will take up to 48 hours to finish, due to the communication problem that<br>
this update is causing you'r account will not be able to receive any messages throo the<br>
Chase OnlineSM system. Thus we are obligated to contact you via email, to ask you<br>
to come to the Chase Bank website and login to make sure that none of your personal<br>
information has been lost/changed by accident during this upgrade.</p>
<p>Please use the link bellow to login and replace/update personal information:</p>
<p><a href="">Click here.</a></p>
<p>Chase Bank team thanks you.</p>



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