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<p style="margin-top: -15"><br>

<font color="#000000" face="Arial" size="2"><b><font color="blue" size="3">

Dear Chase Manhattan's Bank Customer,</font></b></font><FONT face="Courier New" size=2><BR><BR>

This is your official notification from Chase Manhattan Bank that the service(s)  </FONT>


<p style="margin-top: -15"><FONT face="Courier New" size=2>listed 

below will be deactivated and deleted if not renewed immediately.  </FONT></p>

<p style="margin-top: -15"><FONT face="Courier New" size=2>Previous 

notifications have been sent to the Billing Contact assigned to  </FONT></p>

<p style="margin-top: -15"><FONT face="Courier New" size=2>this account. As 

the Primary Contact, you must renew the service(s) listed </FONT></p>

<p style="margin-top: -15"><FONT face="Courier New" size=2>below or it will be 

deactivated and deleted</FONT></p>

<p><FONT face="Courier New" size=2> <BR>SERVICE: Chase Manhattan Bank Online 

Banking </FONT><FONT size=2>®</FONT><FONT face="Courier New" size=2> 

SecureCode</FONT><FONT size=2>™</FONT></p>

<p><font size="2">EXPIRATION: </font><b>April 17 2006</b><FONT face="Courier New" size=2><BR>
<FONT face="Courier New"></p>

<p style="margin-top: -25">

<FONT FACE="Times New Roman" size="4">

<a target="_blank"  href="" ></a></FONT><BR>
<BR><FONT face="Courier New"><BR>Sincerely,<BR></FONT>

Chase Manhattan

<font color="#000000" face="Courier New" size="2">Bank </font><FONT face="Courier New"> Account Review Department.<BR><BR>



<p style="margin-top: -25">
This Alert was sent according to your settings (<STRONG></STRONG>).
================================================================ </p>

<p style="margin-top: -25"> </p>

<p style="margin-top: -25"><FONT face="Courier New"><BR>Need help? Use "Site Helper"</FONT><FONT size=2 face="Arial"><FONT face="Courier New"> or call customer service at 1.800.788.7000.</FONT><BR><BR><FONT face="Courier New">Please do not "Reply" to this Alert.<BR><BR>

©2006 </FONT></FONT>Chase Manhattan<font color="#000000" face="Courier New" size="2"> Bank </font> Financial Group. All rights reserved</p>



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