Table of viruses arriving in our mailserver


This table contains a history of viruses that arrived in our mailserver.
They were found by ClamAV
The table is updated every 5 minutes.

Total count of viruses since 2005-05-22: 352630
Count of different viruses: 7204
Last arrived virus: Heuristics.Phishing.Email.SpoofedDomain (2021-09-24 18:06:12)

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virus name first seen last seen count since 2005-05-22 Alternative name/infos
Archive.Filetype.DualExtJS-6168221-2(11a5f3efbd662d18d7083fe2d71e2673:11195)2017-05-04 12:13:252017-05-04 12:13:251 (0%)
Archive.Filetype.DualExtJS-6168221-2(0d48d8503ed7e7851f08b4c369be0ef3:22708)2017-04-03 17:15:472017-04-03 17:15:471 (0%)
Adware.Casino-172007-12-08 14:32:102010-05-31 17:37:566 (0%)
Adware.Casino-12005-06-03 21:20:272007-01-03 13:04:2810 (0%)


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